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Version: 4.2.9

Notifier Module

The notifier module allows your users to subscribe to notifications in your application.

Steps to use it

To use this module, the following steps are necessary:

  • Add awe notifier dependencies to pom.xml descriptor.
  • Add the notifier screens into your private.xml file:
<option name="user-settings" screen="user-settings" invisible="true"/>
<option name="notifier" label="MENU_NOTIFIER" icon="flash">
<option name="subscriptions" screen="subscriptions" label="MENU_NOTIFIER_SUBSCRIPTIONS" icon="ticket">
<option name="new-subscription" screen="new-subscription" invisible="true" />
<option name="update-subscription" screen="update-subscription" invisible="true" />
<option name="notifications" screen="notifications" label="MENU_NOTIFIER_NOTIFICATIONS" icon="bell" />
  • Include the notifier tool into the home_navbar.xml file:
<tag type="ul" style="nav navbar-nav pull-right right-navbar-nav">
<include target-screen="notification-panel" target-source="notification-panel"/>
<info id="ButUsrAct" icon="user" initial-load="query" target-action="connectedUser">
<include target-screen="notification-panel" target-source="user-settings"/>
  • Add the notifier module to your config/ file:
# Utilities list
  • Finally, if you are using flyway, add the notifier tables into the migration module: