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Version: 4.8.0


The notifier module improves AWE with a notification system. This system works the following way:

  1. Somebody defines a list of subscriptions (topics) in the application.
  2. Users can subscribe on a topic to receive the notifications (via web or email).
  3. The system launches a notification via the Notification API, and it is sent to all subscribed users.
  4. Users receive the notifications and can mark them as read or click over them (in web notifications)
  5. Notifications can lead the user to the screen related to the notification.


The notifier module needs to be configured before it's used.

To see how to configure the notifier module for your application see the Configuration guide.


The subscriptions screen allows you to define new subscription topics for the application.

When defining a subscription topic, it is necessary to define an acronym which will be used on the Notification API to refer the subscription.


The notifications screen stores all sent notifications.

Here the user can mark as read/unread any notification.

User settings

The new user settings screen allows the user to manage his subscriptions, activating or deactivating which one he needs to receive.

Notification panel

The notification panel is a dropdown menu which will refresh itself whenever there are any new notification or notification status has changed.

Notification API

The notifier module adds a bean called NotifierService which contains the following method to add notifications:

public void notify(NotificationDto notification) throws AWException

To use it simply fill a Dto object called NotificationDto (new NotificationDto()) and call the notify method on the NotifierService bean:

  • subscription: Subscription acronym
  • title: Notification title (30 characters max)
  • description: Notification description (250 characters max)
  • icon: Notification icon (choose them from icons screen)
  • type: Notification type:
    • NORMAL: Standard notification (gray)
    • OK: Success notification (green)
    • INFO: Informative notification (blue)
    • WARNING: Warning notification (yellow)
    • ERROR: Error notification (red)
  • screen: Destination screen (option name of the screen to be redirected on notification click)
  • code: Code which will be sent as the variable selected-notification when clicking on a notification (useful to refer a concrete point on the destination screen).