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Coming from v3? Check out our v3 to v4 migration guide.
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Easy to Use

AWE framework is designed from the ground up to be easily installed and used to build your website up and running quickly.

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Modern UI

All AWE web components let you design modern and responsive user interfaces using a declarative API. Works with AngularJS and ReactJS.

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Pluggable and Extensible

Extend or customize all AWE features. The Spring Boot starters design lets you to enable the modules and features that you need.

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Connect your information

Bind your data to web forms easily. AWE allows to connect to different data sources like SQL and NoSQL databases, Rest APIs, JavaBeans, etc.

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Easy to customize

AWE has multiple preconfigured themes and multi-language support. You can add custom CSS according to your needs.

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Powered by Spring Boot with AngularJS

Uses Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2. @Autowired is available for AWE components and layouts.