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Version: 4.3.0

Enumerated definition

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Enumerated components are structures to define label - value lists. They are useful i.e. for translations.

Note: All enumerateds are defined in the Enumerated.xml file at global folder. View project structure for more info.

Enumerated XML structure

Its structure is the next one:

xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation = "">

<group id="[Group Id]">
<option label="[Option label]" value="[Option value]" />
<option label="[Option label]" value="[Option value]" />
... more <option>

... more <group>

Enumerated structure

ElementUseMultiples instancesDescription
enumeratedRequiredNoRoot node of the enumerated structure
groupRequiredYesUsed to group the options of the enumerated
optionRequiredYesDefine each of the key - values of a group of options

Group element

Group element has the following attributes:

idRequiredStringGroup identifierNote: The id name must be unique

Option element

Option element has the following attributes:

labelRequiredStringThe label of the optionNote: You can use i18n files (locales)
valueRequiredStringThe value of the optionNote: The id name must be unique


Several examples of enumerated groups:

<!-- Enumerated YES (0) | NO (1) -->
<group id="Es1Es0">
<option label="ENUM_NO" value="0" />
<option label="ENUM_YES" value="1" />
<!-- LANGUAGES -->
<group id="LanUsr">
<option label="ENUM_LAN_ES" value="ESP"/>
<option label="ENUM_LAN_EN" value="ENG"/>
<option label="ENUM_LAN_FR" value="FRA"/>