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Version: 4.5.0


Tags are basically HTML elements. They can be used to separate the different parts of the screen we want to generate.

The structure of a tag is the following:

<tag type="[type]" label="[label]" style="[style]" source="[source]" expandible="[expand-direction]">...</tag>

There is a special tag which only contains text defined like the next one:


Tag attributes

sourceOpcionalStringTemplate source to link tobuttons, center, etc
typeOpcionalStringHTML tag typediv, span, p, etc
labelOpcionalStringText inside the tagNote: You can use i18n files (locales)
styleOpcionalStringCss class or classes to apply to the element
idOpcionalStringTag identifier. Useful for external references
expandibleOpcionalStringHow to expand the tag childrenvertical, horizontal

Note: If the type is not defined, the tag element will not generate any HTML code. This is very useful to define source links (<tag source="center">...</tag>)