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Version: 4.7.0

Tab and tabcontainer

A tab is a very useful screen component to separate the screen components in tabs:


XML skeleton

<tab id="[tab-identifier]" initial-load="[initial-load]" target-action="[target-action]" maximize="[maximize-tab]">
<tabcontainer id="[tabcontainer-identifier-1]">
<tabcontainer id="[tabcontainer-identifier-n]">

The tab list is filled with the value and label fields of the query/enum launched with [target-action].

Tab structure

<tab id="[tab-identifier]" initial-load="[initial-load]" target-action="[target-action]">
ElementUseMultiples instancesDescription
tabRequiredNoGlobal node of tab. Defines the tab attributes
tabcontainerRequiredYesList of tabcontainers to show
dependencyOptionalYesList of dependencies attached to the tab
context-menuOptionalNoContext menu attached to the tab

Tab attributes

idRequiredStringTab identifier. Needs to be the same as target-action values
initial-loadRequiredStringServer action call to load the criterion data (launched at window generation)enum (for enumerated) or query (for query call)
target-actionRequiredStringTarget to call on the server
styleOptionalStringTab CSS classesNote: Here you can use expand class to set the tab as expandible
maximizeOptionalBooleanWhether to show the maximize icon or not

Tabcontainer structure

A tabcontainer is a window opened when a tab is selected. Note that [tabcontainer-identifier] must match the value of the query/enumerated list set at Tab element.

<tabcontainer id="[tabcontainer-identifier]" type="[type]" label="[label]" style="[style]" expandible="[expandible]">

Tabcontainer attributes

idRequiredStringTabcontainer identifier. Needs to be the same as target-action values
labelOptionalStringTabcontainer titleNote: You can use i18n files (locales)
styleOptionalStringTabcontainer CSS classesNote: Here you can use expand class to set the window as expandible
typeOptionalStringTabcontainer HTML tag typediv, span, p, ...
expandibleOptionalStringHow to expand the tabcontainer childrenvertical, horizontal