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Version: 4.8.0


A dialog is a graphical item that provides the functionality of showing a modal window with a selected message and title (and an icon, if you want). A dialog should be associated to a button-action with type "dialog" (See button actions).

XML skeleton

<dialog id="[dialog-identifier]" label="[dialog-label]" icon="[dialog-icon]"
modal="[is-modal-screen]" style="[dialog-style]" help="[dialog-help]" on-close="[on-close]">
[define the content of the dialog]

Dialog structure

ElementUseMultiples instancesDescription
dialogRequiredNoGlobal node of dialog. Defines the dialog attributes

Dialog attributes

idOptionalStringDialog identifier. For reference purposes
labelOptionalStringDialog titleNote: You can use i18n files (locales)
iconOptionalStringIcon identifierNote: You can check all iconsets at icons screen
styleOptionalStringStyle of the screen (css classes)CSS classes separated by space (' ')
helpOptionalStringHelp text you want to showThe name of a literal with the message
on-closeOptionalStringBehaviour of the stack after closing the dialogaccept (default), reject- Reject cancels the stack, accept continues executing stack actions

Note: You can add the styles modal-lg, modal-md or modal-sm to change the width of the dialog.


This is an example with a dialog defined inside a modal tag in a screen. First of all, the action related to the dialog (by target attribute).


<button id="SetContribution" button-type="submit" label="BUTTON_SET_CONTRIBUTION" icon="floppy-o">
<button-action type="filter" target="Resume" />
<button-action type="dialog" target="Summary" />

<dialog id="Summary" label="SCREEN_TEXT_SET_CONTRIBUTION" icon="info-circle">
<tag type="div" style="modal-body scrollable">
<tag-list type="div" id="Resume" target-action="Resume" autoload="true">
<tag type="div" style="text-bg padding-sm">
<tag type="i" style="fa fa-arrow-right text-info fa-fw" />
<text> [Value]</text>
<tag type="div" style="modal-footer">
<tag type="div" style="pull-right">
<button label="BUTTON_CANCEL" icon="close" id="ButDiaCan">
<button-action type="close" target="Summary" />
<button label="BUTTON_ACCEPT" icon="check" id="ButDiaVal" button-type="submit">
<button-action type="server" server-action="maintain" target-action="SetContribution" />
<button-action type="close" target="Summary" />

Standard dialog on a new screen

This example shows a dialog screen included in modal section of a window.


<button icon="print" label="BUTTON_PRINT" id="ButPrn" button-type="button">
<button-action type="validate"/>
<button-action type="dialog" target="PrnOpt"/>

<include target-screen="PrnOpt" target-source="center"/>

<screen xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="" template="window">
<tag source="center">
<dialog id="PrnOpt" modal="true" style="normal" label="SCREEN_TEXT_PRINT_EMAIL" icon="print" help="HELP_SCREEN_TEXT_PRINT_EMAIL">
<tag type="div" style="modal-body row">
[body content]
<tag type="div" style="modal-footer">
[footer content]