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Version: 4.8.0


Message elements are messages to show after execute one action. Usually these message are described in the hidden section of the window.

This message element is referenced from target attribute in a button action.


Xml structure

The xml structure of message element is the following:

  <tag source="hidden">
<message id="[id]" title="[message-title]" message="[message-text]" />
... more messages ...

Message attributes

idStringRequiredMessage identifier
titleStringRequiredIs the title of messageNote: You can use i18n files (locales)
messageStringRequiredContent of messageNote: You can use i18n files (locales)


  • Show a confirm message before insert new data
<tag source="hidden">
<message id="NewMsg" title="CONFIRM_TITLE_NEW" message="CONFIRM_MESSAGE_NEW" />
<button button-type="button" label="BUTTON_CONFIRM" icon="save" id="ButCnf" help="HELP_CONFIRM_BUTTON">
<button-action type="confirm" target="NewMsg" />
<button-action type="server" server-action="maintain" target-action="UsrNew" />